Joe Gotta Go Tour

We Didn’t Vote For Him And We Are Still Black

The Joe Gotta Go Tour was designed to Preserve America while educating sistas on conservative values. It is simple for those with two eyes, that the world is saying if Joe is the best America has to offer, then America is not the world power they portray. Finally sistas, especially those that have children, must become more engaged in the political system to combat crime, build better educational systems and obtain new opportunities. 

The tour provides the opportunity for conservatives to engage more diverse communities and support the movement through Joe Gotta Go Rallies and Joe Gotta Go House Parties. The tour will also host SLAC Round Tables in battleground states. (Sistas Learning About Conservatives) is a clear path forward to help reduce crime and improve economic opportunities in urban cores and rural America.

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Why Joe Gotta Go

Americans can’t afford four more years of inflation, a race-baiting commander-in-chief,  clear undertones of political slavery, and all-out pandering! Your support will assist with educating Sistas across America to understand the dangers of Joe and helping us get answers to the following questions: 

How much value does Joe have for the black family nucleus?

Why does Joe’s most visible black women all have White lovers? Is it because Joe has little value for the black family nucleus? Do strong black men intimidate Joe and his party?

Is it ironic that each black woman that pimp Joe appointed and touted as historic because of her race, that her most trusted person has Joe’s skin color?

Kamala Harris
Vice President

Ketanji Brown Jackson
Supreme Court Justice

Karine Jean-Pierre 
Press Secretary


Donate now to the wall and tell us which Joe Gotta Go.

  • Racist Joe

  • Lying Joe

  • Inflation Joe

  • China Joe

  • I Don’t Know Joe

Support the Tour


Because of inflation Joe your support with gas is needed and appreciated to ensure that the tour keeps moving forward.


It would be great if these patriots could have good beds to sleep in after a long day of empowering their fellow Americans.

Round Tables

Most importantly, educating and connecting with sistas, and empowering them to be change agents in their communities.

Join The Team

Donate to the Joe Go Gotta Wall now to support National Joe Gotta Go Rallies, House Parties, and SLAC Roundtables in the BattleGround States!

Putting Americans First

America’s Senator Team is about you and your family taking a stand for progress. America’s Senator is prepared to knock down issues with you. By joining this team, you are pledging that Solutions, Opportunities, Accountability, and Progress are important to you.

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The Joe Gotta Go Tour believes in the power of community and the strength of individuals coming together to make a difference. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, if you’re tired of the current state of affairs under Joe Biden and want to support something new, we invite you to join us and be a part of something meaningful.

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We’ll Be In Your Neighborhood!

We’ll Be In Your Neighborhood!

Join us on the Joe Gotta Go Tour, a transformative movement dedicated to engaging sistas and supporting conservative values. Our tour provides a platform for communities to come together, learn, and take action. Through Joe Gotta Go Rallies and Joe Gotta Go Round...

Learn about SLAC

Learn about SLAC

What is SLAC? SLAC, Sistas Learning About Conservatives, is a community of women who are expanding their awareness about the political landscape and empowered to support causes through discussions and programs designed to create awareness of national issues while...

Want to Get Involved?

Want to Get Involved?

We welcome Americans of all ages, from 16 to 80+, who are passionate about preserving America and supporting the Joe Gotta Go Tour. There are numerous ways you can get involved and make a positive impact: 1.) Request a Visit: If you want the Joe Gotta Go Tour to come...

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